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Why did Totem Taunt?

Q.: Why did that guy make fun of you and your blog? A.: He resented my attempt to explain “black-and-white” vs. “gray” thinkers. Continue reading

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“Hey LLS, How’s that blog workin’ out for ya?”

A week ago, a guy named Priapus seemed to take delight in the obscurity (so far) of this blog. What a prick! 🙂 Continue reading

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“Bill Gates’ favorite teacher”

I can’t wait to click on Sal Khan’s mini-lectures. I’m gonna be a genius! Continue reading

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“The Billionaires Bankrolling the Tea Party”

Right-wing tycoons are financing a movement that’ll give THEM more wealth and influence; the poor dumb goons who serve as foot soldiers will march angrily into battle–against their own interests! Continue reading

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USA: Boost the economy! Germany: Get real! (Who’s right?)

David Brooks says the German solution to the economic crisis shows more promise than the American solution. Continue reading

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Ripped off: Still another student group!

The Onion offers a panel discussion about the neglected “kids who don’t give a damn.” Continue reading

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THIS oughta piss you off

Timothy Egan says, in effect, that a large segment of the Republican Party is childish and pathetically foolish. Continue reading

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