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Here’s one weird thing I’ll be doing a lot. I will recommend a blogger or columnist even though I don’t exactly agree with him or her. In fact, I’ll have significant disagreements with most of the writers I cite. Still, I think you ought to read them. For example:

Have you read anything by James Howard Kunstler? He’s a sky-is-falling guy who keeps predicting that the stock market is going to crash, the US and world economies will suffer massive blows from harder-to-get, more expensive oil and from criminally duplicitous financial institutions, as well as from human beings’ obliviousness and greed. I heartily recommend his weekly (every Monday) essay forecasting the imminent downfall of existing economic and social systems (the end of Happy Motoring, McMansions in the suburbs, WalMart-style thrift and convenience, out-of-season vegetables magically delivered from remote locations, and, perhaps, the rule of law).

Though I find his writing lively and I suspect his dire predictions are mostly on the mark, I have four complaints about Kunstler’s weekly jeremiads:

  • He seems to take enormous delight in the prospect that gangs of disenchanted citizens, pitchforks in hand, will storm the neighborhoods of corporate CEOs;
  • His timing is terrible–he’s so eager for the stuff to hit the fan that time and again he anticipates social upheavals that haven’t yet arrived;
  • He doesn’t adequately take into account the power of human beings–all of us, not just the evildoers he inveighs against–to fool ourselves and ignore reality;
  • The name of his website is obscene, which prevents me (and other public school teachers) from recommending it to students.

Nonetheless, Kunstler rants about things that ought to be more widely discussed. Take a look: http://www.kunstler.com/index.php

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