NYT Book Review: The Two Churchills

Here’s a topic that’ll separate the left from the right, I bet: Winston Churchill: Nazi-Slaying Hero or White Supremacist?

According to a book review in the New York Times, he was both. Which works for me, an avowed liberal. But I wonder how others will process the question posed above. I’d love to hear from folks of every persuasion. Anyway, here’s the opening paragraph of the review:

Winston Churchill is remembered for leading Britain through her finest hour — but what if he also led the country through her most shameful one? What if, in addition to rousing a nation to save the world from the Nazis, he fought for a raw white supremacy and a concentration camp network of his own? This question burns through Richard Toye’s superb, unsettling new history, “Churchill’s Empire” — and is even seeping into the Oval Office.


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