Okay, here’s how I’m different . . .

Take a look at the other blogsites–ones that have a viewpoint to express. Notice anything? If it’s a liberal site, the conservatives are demonized. If it’s a conservative site, the liberals are demonized. If it’s a libertarian site, anything associated with government intrusion, or censorship, or regulation, is seen as Satanic.

The difference on this site is that, although I’m a liberal (and proud of it), I’m gonna rip into ANY source of b.s. Yes, I’ll probably be quicker to notice b.s. when it’s spewing from conservatives and libertarians than from liberals, but everybody’s fair game. Crap’s crap.

Don’t think I’m serious? Take a look at what’s already been posted. You might notice that many of the things I put on the site involve honest questions about “the right thing to do” in a given situation.

Incurable ideologues won’t find this approach fascinating, but I’m sticking with it. For me, the biggest challenge is finding a way to make the site compelling; I fret that not enough visitors are actually looking for thought-provoking stuff and just want to blow off steam.

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