My new liberal idol

Introducing Elizabeth Fuller of Peterborough, New Hampshire. I don’t know her and never heard of her before today. But she wrote a damn good response to David Brooks’s latest op-ed column; links to both the column and her response are provided in my previous post, “Mental Flabbiness.”

I clicked on her name next to the comment she posted in today’s Times, and I found that Elizabeth has done a lot of commenting. It’s first-rate. It gets noticed. She receives very high reader ratings and editor ratings, and her views even get posted and disputed on decidedly non-liberal sites. If I knew how to contact her, I’d ask permission to post several of her essays in support of liberalism. For now, I’ll just paste in one paragraph from something she wrote on June 22 in response to another Brooks column

What do liberals want? We want a country that affirms all our citizens matter. We want conservatives to understand that the sort of welfare state they seem to fear so much is not what we would prefer either. We would love to see a world in which there was full employment and all workers received a fair share of the profits they helped to generate. We don’t like it, either, that so few of our citizens pay taxes not because they’ve used all the loopholes, but because they simply don’t earn enough money to do so and that the burden falls on the rapidly disappearing middle class and the wealthy.

Elizabeth, we need a whole lot of people like you!

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