I just passed the Liberal Licensing Exam

It was simple, really. I clicked on Barry Ritholtz’s terrific website, watched a video clip of Jon Stewart making fun of Fox News, and laughed several times. The supposed topic was the “Mosque at Ground Zero” controversy, but . . . well, things fall apart, as they say.

It’s a Pass/Fail test, in essence. If you watch The Daily Show making fun of Fox and you’re offended, you’re a conservative. If you’re amused, you’re a liberal.

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3 Responses to I just passed the Liberal Licensing Exam

  1. jonstins says:

    My test was inconclusive. I wasn’t offended, but I found it more depressing than funny.

  2. Old School Grump says:

    Saw it … Everyone who thinks Fox News simply offers a conservative take on “the facts” needs to see the specific fact here that they’ve actively suppressed. We aren’t just talking cherry-picking your facts — which the liberal media does with the same gleeful abandon as the conservative media, I’m sorry to say–but active suppression. Let’s put it this way: a parallel would be if it turned out that NPR received a large chunk of funding from someone who also funded a white supremacist organization.

    As to the Ground Zero Mosque, I think it’s worthwhile to take the temperature of your commentariat with a direct question, now that a few more weeks have gone by. I’m tired of news organizations’ polls, which are designed to “measure” “conflict” to be “reported” as “news.” I’d like to read the replies from both sides of the fence.

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