Ripped off: Still another student group!

The public school teachers in my town went back on duty today. Students won’t arrive till Tuesday, but the teachers were treated to inspirational speeches from administrators: “You have a unique opportunity . . . ,” “One of the most challenging and rewarding careers anywhere . . . ,” “Let me tell you a story about a lonely little girl who didn’t think she could do math . . . ,” “Think of a teacher who made YOU feel special . . . ,” etc.

Anyway, I arrived home feeling extremely inspired. Know what I mean? And I checked my email to find a long-time correspondent had sent me the latest findings from The Onion, on the subject of Students Who Just Don’t [Care]. I’ll bet that the masses of assembled teachers would have found great value in this video clip. Enjoy. (Warning: NSFS–Not Suitable for School)

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