“Hey LLS, How’s that blog workin’ out for ya?”

Sounds like a taunt, right? That’s what it is, as far as I can tell. It comes from a gentleman who calls himself Priapus; he’s one of many loyal readers and commenters on Christopher Fountain’s blog, For What It’s Worth. If you want to know why Priapus–“the god of procreation, guardian of gardens and vineyards, and personification of the erect phallus” (American Heritage Dictionary)–wanted to taunt me, I’ll tell you.

First, though, his question. How IS that blog–this blog–workin’ out? In a few words: Too early to tell, but . . . not so hot.

Pluses: It looks nice. It’s not cluttered. It’s easy to navigate. It’s intelligent. It represents the way I think.

Minuses: Not very many people visit the site: The biggest one-day total so far was 116 VISITS (I think that could represent, say, 29 people clicking on four posts each), and the next-best numbers are 92, 77, 66, 56. Plenty of days, the numbers are far lower than that.

But a more worrisome minus is this: There are very, very few comments being left here. On any given day, there might be zero, one, two or maybe three comments posted. I assume this is what The Personification of the Erect Phallus meant when he asked how the blog was workin’ out: He could see that comments were rare, and he took delight in the knowledge that this project isn’t burgeoning into a must-see website. People aren’t streaming here to read and reply to the latest fascinating morsel.

Or, as I said to my totemic taunter, “The blog? Fun to put together. Pretty happy with the product so far. But very few people leave comments, which you seem blissfully aware of. I appreciate your kind question.”

A reasonable follow-up question, which I’ll ask myself: What do you have in mind for this blog, anyhow?

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5 Responses to “Hey LLS, How’s that blog workin’ out for ya?”

  1. Ray Harris says:

    Hey Blog0meister, I think this protagonist has some important points. I have never tried to be a blogmeister myself, but as a spectator I have observed that those that thrive seem to be the ones who first court the already established blogmeisters in their field (political, porn, whatever) and then advertise on their blogs at least for a while until they build up a following. Just a thought from an old e-pal.

    • Ray,

      Thanks for the advice. You’re probably right–if I want a lively site that gets lots of visits and enough comments to generate enthusiasm, I should make some influential friends. But I’m still naive enough to think that even a handful of visitors would be enough to get SOMETHING going, because (I thought) the items I’ve posted are relevant and provocative. Looks like I was wrong: Besides you, my son, and two or three others, nobody who “stopped in” was interested in leaving a reply.

  2. [NOTE from LLS: I originally posted a series of messages sent to me by a reader, but I eventually learned that the messages were not intended as comments-to-be-posted, so I’ve taken them down. I’ve left two of my replies mostly intact, immediately following this note, with modifications to protect the reader’s identity.]


    I think I’m going to leave the site up for a while, but I may not post much. A couple of reasons:

    1. I’m a teacher. I was off during the summer, and I had time to find articles, post them, and (sometimes) add my own spin. Now that school is back in session, there’s not enough time to keep putting up daily posts.

    2. Based on what I saw in August, it looks like what interests me most doesn’t exactly rivet the attention of other people. Not that I “gave it my all,” either in the marketing sense or the intellectual effort sense, but there are some posts on this blogsite that I figured would definitely draw a few comments–I did, after all, notify friends and a few established bloggers that I existed–but even when there were readers, there were few if any responders.

    So, in keeping with your advice, I’ll leave the site “operational” and will occasionally add something, but I won’t worry about the traffic. Thanks for the message.

  3. This will sound like excuse-making, but . . .

    I’m not at all surprised that Obama and the Democrats look so weak at this point in the election cycle. I was pleased that he (and they) won in ’08, but even then I figured their celebration would be short. The country is in BIG trouble, much of the trouble set in motion well before late ’08, and some of it exacerbated by blunders, miscalculations, bad luck, and an oppositional opposition since then. Voters will want to get rid of whoever is in power, largely because the economy still isn’t healthy–yet who knows how to fix it?

    The “major sweep” you look forward to is pretty likely. Where we disagree is over why it’ll happen and whether the rationale is rational.

  4. Walter Rigo says:

    I’m waiting to hear you say something controversial. So far you just say things everyone can agree with, like you’re trying to be everybody’s friend. Why should we bother fighting back?

    Anyway, your pictures are interesting.

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