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I’m not an idiot! I’m not! I’m not! (Or am I?)

Background: On February 20, 2011, at 10:59 A.M., “Inagua” posted the following message about me on another blog site: “LLS is a teacher! I missed that. It explains everything — the fuzzy thinking, the smug tone, the fact free posts.” … Continue reading

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What was YOUR response to 9-11?

I feel depressed when people act like beasts. I don’t seek revenge. Am I despicable? Continue reading

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Kristof to Muslims: I’m sorry

Kristof to Muslim-haters: Count to ten! Continue reading

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Guess who’s smarter than the U.S.?

American deniers of climate change (read: pro-business, anti-regulation right wingers) are winning the argument, but only by ignoring the evidence. Continue reading

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Welcoming the huddled masses

Old School Grump recommends MORE immigration. Continue reading

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Spoiled rotten?

Why bother? That seems to be the national mood. Continue reading

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“He piddled around when he had 60 votes.”

Obama has lost independents and now can only hope to energize the faithful. Continue reading

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