Welcome to the Last Liberal Stand . . .

. . . against drivel and delusion, from all sources. If you’re weary of posturing pundits, take a break! I’m weary, too, and I’ll do my best to avoid adding to the load. Instead, I’ll offer my two cents’ worth of opinion with (I hope) equal parts honesty, humility, wit–and a dash of wordplay.

Let me start with an acknowledgement: I decided to create this site after I stumbled on a blog called For What It’s Worth, by Chris Fountain, a former lawyer who now works in real estate and maintains an eclectic blogsite. Besides posting a number of informative, funny, sometimes crass, often wrong-headed (right-wing) items each day, Chris has offered advice to those who want to do their own blogging. The more time I spent reading CF’s posts and his readers’ responses, the more I thought I should do my own.

If I spend thirty minutes in the vicinity of FWIW, ten minutes are spent guffawing, groaning, growling, and rolling my eyes; ten minutes are spent composing comments in opposition to his taunting of Democrats, bureaucrats, and delusional home sellers; and ten minutes are spent contemplating a more effective counter-strategy: posting my opinions on a site of my own.

Obviously, I finally decided to launch. Wish me luck.

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4 Responses to Welcome to the Last Liberal Stand . . .

  1. Ray Harris says:

    I watched Rachel Maddow tonight and, as a liberal, have never been more frustrated. She featured 3 high achievers in the military, 2 decorated officers and a brilliant female cadet at West Point are all leaving our military service because of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” This is the most dysfunctional, stupidest policy ever implemented by any military in the history of the world…so why doesn’t Obama, as Commander-In-Chief just declare it void unless Congress voids his command?

    That is a rhetorical question, we all know Obama is a whimp. If he would stand up and roar like a lion, he would insure us Dems a landslide in November. But he is a whimp. Sorry, I guess whatever our leaders promise, we are doomed to more of the same. Ray

  2. Ray,

    Looks as if you’re saying liberals (including the current “oh-so-liberal” President of the United States) need to be less lily-livered, to stand up unapologetically for what they believe in. I’m for that. While conservatives and libertarians are busy accusing Obama of trying to change America into a socialist state, I’d argue that his main failing so far has been his excessive concern about stepping on toes.

  3. Peg says:

    LLS, there actually are more than a few conservatives/libertarians who really don’t care what people’s sexual orientation is.

    Now; if we could only get a president into power who is supportive of gay marriage….. 🙂

    • Peg,

      To me, conservatives and libertarians are ALIKE in wanting government to leave their money alone; they hate taxes much more than liberals do, and they want to keep what they’ve earned. They’re not fans of extensive social welfare.

      Where they DIFFER from each other is over government involvement in people’s personal lives. Conservatives want people to be “moral,” which tends to mean they want couples to get married rather than live together unmarried; they want couples to be heterosexual; they want drug users arrested and eventually incarcerated; they oppose abortion. On each of these issues, libertarians are inclined to believe personal choice trumps governmental involvement.

      Yes, I know this explanation is overly simple, but do you basically agree? If I’m right, then I’d expect the “typical” conservative to care very much about a person’s sexual orientation, whereas the libertarian would shrug about such questions.

      By the way, your comment has me thinking that I should create a place on the blog that allows readers to post “miscellaneous” or “random” comments. Don’t take offense, since I mean none. I’m just saying that what you posted doesn’t have any particular connection to the heading “Welcome to Last Liberal Stand,” but it’d make a nice launching pad for additional responses from readers. (I’m thinking also about importing some of our back-and-forthing, over on your blog, about Victor Davis Hanson.)

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